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Asociación de Maquiladoras, A.C.

Logistics Manager

  • Aduanas / Logística / Comercio Exterior
  • Este trabajo ya ha sido cubierto

Position objective:

Plan and coordinate all logistics activities and operations in the area.

Ensure the effective results of the area from Raw material to production planning and on time delivery taking care about the budget for key areas such as transportation and inventory


·         5 years as Logistics or Supply chain Manager Position

Main responsibilities:

·         Oversees and monitors the inventory management process of finished goods, sub-finished goods, raw material, consumables and packages.

·         Plans and supervises cycle inventory and participate in legal inventory count.

·         Assures proper storage conditions in order to respect quality, health and safety requirements.

·         Defines clearly locations and check storage capacity for optimization

·         Oversees customer forecast reliability analysis. Deals with customers priorities and treats logistics claims.

·         Validates production planning following customer’s forecasts and order priorities to meet capacity adequacy and production requirements.

·         Monitors Consumable & Packaging inventory level and validates defined need and purchasing requisitions (PR).

·         Reviews and validates monthly copper need and hedged quantities’ adjustments.

·         Oversees MRP calculation and validates quantities readjusted if needed.

·         Supervises delivery planning and recommends actions to optimize suppliers service OTIF and ensure continuity of supply in emergency scenarios. Assures empty packaging coverage by following up PR and monitoring packaging balance with customer.

·         Validates and follows up delivery plan based on customer orders to optimize transit time & pick/pack/loading time. Follows up delivery accuracy On-Time-In Full and defines actions if needed.

·         Validates fleet maintenance plan and recommends measures to improve conditions of fleet.

·         Supervises scrap collection process per shift from production and rewinding.

·         Supervise scrap Inventory management.

·         Prepares and controls the annual Logistics budget and strategic plans, prepares, communicates and reviews Logistics KPI’s and defines accordingly continuous improvement plans of processes, procedures and systems to meet the Logistics Department and the Company’s objectives

·         Recruits and Develops a high performing Logistics Team.

·         Stop the production when the quality, productivity and safety are at risk



Preparation of presentations at the management level.
Effective negotiation with external and internal clients.
Initiative and proactivity.
Negotiation and teamwork skills.
Take the lead in each assigned project.
Visa laser and passport.
Availability of travel.
Schedule availability.
Effective communication ability and problem-solving skill.
Management of multiple activities simultaneously, teamwork and with customer service orientation.
Ms Office

·         Master’s degree in supply chain management, logistics or business administration

·         Engineering degree industrial

·         Bachelor’s degree in management, finance… (with adequate experience in supply chain management

Bilingual English and Spanish
Fluent English speaker essential

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