SCR Engineer (Quality Eng)

Participate in the multidisciplinary team for corrective and preventive actions implemented to continuously reduce Service Call rate index.


Act as liaison between the design engineering (CTC) and the manufacturing engineering in the facility to launch and implement initiatives and/or projects focused on SCR improvements
General knowledge of SCR systems like QES, Service Bench and TID
Coordinate and support Quality gates implementation for SCR main contributors
Coordinate reliability testing methods
Lead SCR  Improvement teams based on data identifying good or bad trends to prioritize projects
Work directly with manufacturing, engineering and quality management in a team environment for problem-solving,  buy-in and support of new initiatives
Complete SCR reports and analysis
Work using the principles of Perfection, Progress, Pull Together, Positive attitude.
Everything concerning with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electronic or Electrical Engineering
Bilingual 85% English / Spanish
Minimum 3 years process and/or quality engineering

Good problem-solving skills and use of Root Cause analysis tools.
Ability to develop and track Statistical Process Control charts.  Quality and/or Statistics background also a plus.
Experienced with Office Software packages including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Ability to summarize and present project status/update reports on key projects
Significant experience in cross-functional manufacturing processes and thorough understanding of lean manufacturing principles.  Supports manufacturing and quality when issues arise with the refrigeration, testing, agency and electrical systems.
Excellent communication skills and unique ability to provide direction of technical and complex issues to non-technical personnel in a manner that is fully understood and supported.
Track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget required.
Basic ISO-9001 training.
Self-proficient managing Excell Microsoft Software.


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