Data Coordinator

The Supply Chain Function manages all customer contract, forecasting, demand management, MRP processing and inventory planning activities across the business. The department has key interfaces with the Sales, Procurement, Operations and Finance departments and suppliers where required.

Role Summary

To ensure effective control and accuracy of all static data changes within Vision and validate/maintain on-going data integrity.

Key Accountabilities

· Update static data and action all new data set up to ensure that the data within the systems remains accurate and up to date and that new parts are fully functional within the system

· Receive, validate and action customer/supplier contract and data changes in relation to static data, liaising as appropriate to validate the advised changes to ensure the data is understood and system accuracy is maintained.


· Conduct the validation process and data audits as required, ensuring accuracy of data is maintained throughout the system.

· To receive, validate and update data based on pricing files either from the customer or procurement departments to ensure correct pricing is on the system.

· Identify and introduce any new validation checks required from system developments and implement any new channels of

communication required with relevant departments to improve system and departmental efficiency.

· Participate in improvement activities at department/company level to enhance business performance.

· Comply with all relevant internal rules, policy and procedures, including those relating to Health and Safety, Data Protection and

all those contained within the issued Employee Handbook and Policies and Procedures Manual.

· Undertake other duties and tasks that may be allocated that are appropriate to the job


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