Stamping Manager

EDUCATION: BD Mechanical Engineering or similar

LANGUAGE: Fully bilingüal Eng/Span

professional skill:
1. Communication, coordination and adaptability; 2. Team management and planning ability; 3. KPI indicator management
Should know that:
1. Manufacturing operation; 2. Project promotion; 3. Cost concept; 4. Factory management process and application.

1. Control of various KPI indicators in the stamping department
2. Plant operation planning and control
3. Mold/product structure optimization and innovation
4. Cultivation and promotion of cadre ability
5. Development and introduction of new products/new processes/new materials/new equipment/automation
6. Resource integration, productivity improvement of all employees, promotion of activities / optimization and improvement of factory environment
7. Factory exception handling and coordination
8. Communicate the company’s government orders assigned by superiors, publicize and supervise the implementation.

Tipo de puesto: Tiempo completo, Indefinido

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