Sr. Electronics Engineer (Analog/Digital circuit)



The electrical engineer is responsible for the design of new electronic products up to full production and supports existing product needs. This includes specification reviews, development program timelines and reports, design reviews, rapid prototype, documentation packages, preproduction builds and transfers to production. This engineer will also be responsible for technical support of some mature electronic products currently in production.


·       10 years of engineering experience, with 5 in design of electronics components

·       Knowledge of and ability to design, test and manufacture electronic circuits, components and devices

·       Strong project management skills

·       Solid understanding of Analog/Digital circuit

·       Knowledge of analog and digital circuit block design and their integration into products.

·       Demonstrated experience in Electrical simulation tools (PSpice, Electrical)

·       Understanding of signal conditioning

·       Familiarity of layout tools, experience with schematic capture and layout

·       Knowledge of technical troubleshooting approaches, tools and techniques, and the ability to anticipate, recognize, and resolve technical (hardware, software, application or operational) problems.

·       Understanding of the technical language and writing approach, and the ability to write paper-based and on-line technical reference documentation (guidelines, standards, procedures, processes, applications, etc.)

·       Ability to understand a device’s compatibility with (i.e., no interference is caused by) its electromagnetic (EM) environment and ensure it does not emit levels of EM energy that cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) in other devices in the vicinity.

·       Understanding of the criticality of getting things done in spite of current circumstances and the ability to utilize assigned resources and leverage back-channel resources (individuals or teams) to achieve or exceed planned outcomes.

·       Strong collaboration and understanding of effective communication; ability to effectively transmit, receive, and accurately interpret ideas, information, and needs through the application of appropriate communication behaviors.

·       Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems

·       Ability and willingness to seek out work and the drive to accomplish goals.

·       Understanding of the necessity of evolving the business to remain competitive and ability to understand, adapt oneself to, respond to and proactively seek changes and innovation in the business environment to improve the competitive advantage of an organization.

·       Knowledge of product development methods and ability to research, identify and apply formal disciplines and best practices for improving the quality and costs related to product development.



·       Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

·       English

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