Fullfillment Manager

Wiwynn Mexico


Fullfillment Manager
Job functions
· Manage all aspects of the Supply Chain function including supervision and coaching of department personnel
· Responsible for managing relationship with offshore and onshore suppliers
· Secure delivery for raw material orders materials to support production
· Actively participate in activities/meetings with function leaders
· Submit supply chain function performance reports as requested by management and corporate
· Work closely with Engineering Development team during development and NPI to assure timely purchase of materials for development and launch/ramp of product
· Ensure delivery schedule of finished products that have been committed to customers
· Thoroughly knowledgeable about material demand and supply (MRP) and demand forecasting
· Customer relationship management skills
· Capacity planning
Education and skills
· Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Linguistics or related field
· Master degree completed (preferable)
· Fully bilingual (English-Spanish)
· 5-10 years related experience
· +6 years in management positions
· Travel availability (Global)
· USA Visa (valid)
· Passport (valid)
· Strong computer skills in Office
· Demonstrated procurement and negotiation skills
· ERP – SAP skills

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